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Ocean Beach Pier Surf Classic


AWOL Productions sponsored by Hodad’s would like to put on a local surf competition which will be located down at the Ocean Beach Pier on April 30,2016 at 7am. The event will be sponsored by Hodad’s and Awol Productions. We have organized and put on skate competitions in Ocean Beach for the past 5 years and they have become a huge success. Seeing as Ocean Beach is a huge surfing and skateboarding community we would like to bring the community together with a local surf competition.

AWOL is a local brand inspired by surf, skate and moto. Established in 2002. AWOL stands for A Way of Life. A lifestyle dedicated to bring the community of Ocean Beach together. We would like to put on a local surf competition for all ages young and old in the community with intent to make it an annual event. We would like to bring back something similar to the Surfer Bowl, but new school.

We would also like to raise awareness to the community and raise money for different portions of the OBCF by charging an entry fee for each contestant. Having different sponsors sponsor the event and inviting local vendors to pay a fee to set up booths to sell and promote their products. We would like to have a raffle and prizes which will raise money for the event. A portion of the money brought in from vendor fees, entry fees and raffle tickets will be put towards OBCF.

Volunteers for the event:

Dane Whitworth

Jeremy Diem

Daniel Green

Sara Woolsey

Jodi Castro